For airports, wishing to offer the next level of comfort to passengers, napcabs are the ideal solution.

The premium cabins and their operational concept are designed to meet the challenges and demands of high-security transit zones in busy airport terminals, particularly where passengers experience extended waiting.

napcabs – concept

  • Cabins are manufactured and operated by napcabs
  • Cleaning, maintenance and service are organized by napcabs
  • Required space inside the terminals is simply rented by napcabs
  • Charges are calculated on the actual time of use
  • No permanent staff on site required

napcabs – flexibility and functionality

  • Requiring only 4 sqm of space, cabins can be placed nearby the gates to offer short walking ways for customers
  • Easily and quickly to install without interference to ongoing airport operations and quickly to be repositioned if needed
  • Cabins can be positioned according to the demands of the airport, for example as a single cabin, in a cluster or lined up

     napcabs drawings low

Airport benefits

  • Profitable usage of small space which otherwise has no other purpose
  • Higher passenger satisfaction
  • Application of a successfully introduced and operated product